ルイージのペーパークラフトを制作しました!I designed the Luigi papercraft!


こんにちは! 珍しく頻繁に更新しております。



名前は任天堂の米国法人(Nintendo of America, NOA)の社員が付けたものです。イタリア人に多く語呂の良い名前を模索した結果「ルイージ」が選ばれたという。「生みの親である宮本茂さんが『マリオの類似(るいじ)やからルイージでええんちゃう』と言ったから」と言うのは俗説らしいです。この記事を書くためにウィキペディアで調べて僕は初めて知りました。









Hello! This is an unusually frequent update.
This time I've designed a Luigi papercraft, so if you'd like to download it, print it out and build it.

You can download the templates here ⇒https://paperman2.com/#download

This Luigi is about 50cm tall in the tilted position. If you put him in a room, he'll look very imposing. Sorry if he's in the way.

Luigi is the twin brother of Nintendo's signature character, Mario. He is taller and skinnier than his older brother Mario, and has a kaiser beard, a green shirt and hat, and an "L" on his cap. He is around 26 years old, the same age as Mario (but there is no exact setting).

The name was given to him by an employee of Nintendo's U.S. subsidiary (Nintendo of America, NOA). The name was chosen by an employee of Nintendo's U.S. subsidiary (Nintendo of America, NOA), after searching for a name with a good ring to it for many Italians.

I'll explain how to build it.

Tweezers and wood glue are handy.
A toothpick is also useful. You can use it to apply the bond to the glue.

Ordinary copy paper does not have a good texture and is not strong enough. I recommend matte paper with a certain thickness. However, if the paper is too thick, it will be difficult to assemble and the cuts will be noticeable and ugly, so a moderately thick paper is better.

If you use a paper with uneven surface, it will give a good atmosphere. However, it is your own responsibility to make sure that the paper is compatible with your printer.
Depending on the type and settings of your printer and the paper you use, the cut and fold lines may be printed illegibly. In such a case, please check the development diagram on this site on your computer, or check the downloaded development diagram image before cutting and building.

Please fold tightly at the glue edges where the mountain and valley fold lines are placed. Otherwise, it would be great if you could build it as if you were bending it.

I know that many of you are staying at home more and more due to the new coronavirus, but I hope you will have fun building this Luigi papercraft.

I hope you will enjoy buildling this Luigi papercraft and let me know what you think of it in the comments section of the blog or on SNS.

Speaking of social networking sites, I've been tweeting about the process of making Luigi on Twitter. I'll be tweeting more often, so if you'd like to follow me on Twitter⇒https://twitter.com/paperman64

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I'll be updating our Facebook page from time to time as well. 

See you soon!